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UPDATE: February 14, 2012.

2012 NHRA Winternationals TA/FC winner: Randy Goodwin Racing!

Great competition was on hand at the 52nd Annual O'Reilly Auto Parts Winternationals. The team dug deep finding the horsepower and combination necessary to defeat all comers and win their second national event. With a best of 5.52 seconds at more than 259 mile per hour in eliminations, team owner Randy Goodwin and crew outlasted the competition to claim another victory.

"The car sat for almost 2 years," said Randy. "Maybe if we park it for 2 more years we can come out and win it all again!"

Thanks to Bill Miller Engineering For Your Support. Click on the BME link to the upper left for all your rotating assembly needs.


UPDATE: January 23, 2012.

The team looks forward to the upcoming 2012 NHRA O'Reilly Auto Parts Winternationals.

The entire Randy Goodwin Racing team is set to test their skills in one of the most potent west coast TA/FC's. Looking for a win in Pomona is the teams goal and the preparation has been tireless. Stay tuned for team updates as the event unfolds.

In the meantime, check out the Youtube link below where ESPN opened the Las Vegas Summit Nationals coverage by doing a segment in our pit:

Randy Goodwin Racing team number one qualifier:

Here is the YouTube link to the ESPN coverage of the Finals at the 2009 Las Vegas Nationals where the team took the win over Alexis DeJoria:

And here is the YouTube link to the teams runner-up to Shawn O'Bannon at the 2009 AAA Finals, Pomona, CA. Great race, a 5.53 to a 5.54.


UPDATE: April 30, 2010

Team qualifies number 1 at the Las Vegas Nationals after a strong performance at the WINTERNATIONAL'S.

The team started the year strong qualifying with a great 5.58 at 258 miles per hour at the WINTERNATIONAL's in Pomona but rear main bearing issues kept the team busy all weekend. After winning first round Saturday afternoon the decision as made to repair the number one engine after hurting two others during qualifying. Each was trying to blacken the rear main. By replacing the crank and line honing the block the team would enter Sunday with a total of 2 complete engines. So, engine #1 was rebuilt overnight.

"We decided to do it so we would have a full arsenal of spares for Sunday's eliminations should we have more problems" said team owner Randy Goodwin.

With second round of eliminations held mid-day Sunday, the weather conditions were the warmest of the weekend. our scheduled opponent was the always tough Brian Hough. Nearly even off the line, the team drove away for the win with a 5.62 at 246 miles per hour while Brian experienced rare tire shake. Noting the speed was off nearly 12 miles per hour the team jumped in the tow car and hurried to see if all was OK, only to see the Safety Safari rolling to clean up oil in our lane.

The report from our driver was that the car nosed over at 1/2 track and kicked #3 rod. The 1/2 track numbers were among the quickest of the session indicating it was on par to run a 5.57. But the bad news was that the NHRA Safety Safari held us up at the end of the track until a flat bed could be broughjt down due to the amount of oil leaking from the car. By the time the race car was unloaded in our pit off the flat bed the team had less than 20 minutes before the third round would begin, making it impossible to change engines.

Since we pride ourselves on not hurting parts we decided to take a serious look at our program to find out why we were suddenly having tremendous problems. Over the next several weeks everything was checked, and a culprit was found. Changes were made to just a couple parts and things seemed to be back on track. We would find out at the Summit Racing Las Vegas Nationals if we fixed the problem.

After winning the Las Vegas Nationals in November last year we felt pretty confident going in to the April event at the same track. The only glitch was the weather. It was now 20 degrees hotter than last November, and the track temperature was 45 degrees hotter. The team was anxious to test some of the changes Randy made to the tune up the beginning of this year because the problems at the WINTERNATIONAL's kept him from trying any of them.

When qualifying concluded at Las Vegas the team was #1 with a fine but conservative 5.66. "I really expected to get bumped off the top," said Randy. "I kept it pretty safe, but I think this shows that some of the new equipment we are using is really working."

One of those items involves the team's relationship with BME (Bill Miller Engineering). "Bill makes a great set of rods and the support of BME means a lot to us," said Mike Buonocore, the team's engine specialist.

Randy is quick to agree with Mike, and also points out the help the team has been getting from Mike Strausberg and B&J Transmissions, and HOOSIER Tires. "It's no secret we run on a tight budget, and we try to make the most of what we have. Without the support of these fine people we wouldn't be able to run like we do." BAE, Chrisman, PSI...I don't know what we would do without their support."

First round at Las Vegas saw the potent Monte Carlo once again run another 5.66. And in the second round in the heat of the day on Sunday we ran low et of the session with another fine 5.66 at 254 miles per hour.

Down to the final 4, we were paired against one of our favorite racers, Shawn O'Bannon. As our driver pulled in to stage he accidentally double clutched it and slid in a little deeper than normal. At the green Shawn shook and smoked the tires while the Monte Carlo carried the front end on a terrific launch. But wait...the red light as glaring on the 'tree in our lane. By .012 of a second our driver red lighted away another chance at a final to win in Las Vegas. He shut off before 330' while Shawn peddled it, regained traction and took it to the finish line for the win.  

UPDATE: November 16, 2009

Team wins the 2009 Las Vegas Nationals followed by a runner up at the AAA NHRA Pomona Finals.

Strong performance by the team and great driving by our driver resulted in the teams first ever NHRA National Event win on November 1, 2009. A string of mid to low 5.60 runs at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway combined with holeshot wins when they were needed most put the team on top.

"The team's performance was like that of seasoned veterans with a holeshot victory over our semi final opponent and in defeating Alexis De Joria's Bob Newberry tuned mount in the final," said team owner Randy Goodwin of the teams 5.65 to 5.64 final round victory. "We couldn't be happier."

Two weeks later at the AAA NHRA Pomona Finals, ESPN and NHRA broadcaster/announcer Bob Frey commented that the team is "Certifiably the hottest in TA/FC right now," after our semi final victory, marking 7 National Event round wins in a row.

The team qualified number three in the 23 car field with a great 5.58 at 257 miles per hour. In the semi final round, we posted a 5.56 to defeat our opponents 5.53 (low et of the event) in a holeshot victory. Our driver carded a .056 reaction time to our opponents .110 for a margin of victory of 7 feet.

In the final, the team faced the number one qualifier in a match held after dark. Looking to make it two National Events in a row, Randy made some safe but significant changes to the tune up on the Monte Carlo funny car in an effort to challenge the competition.

At the green we posted a good .062 reaction time to his opponents better .049. We spun the tires hard in the middle after the car slid over near the right side guardrail. Our driver corrected and made it back to the middle of the groove by the finish line. In a stunning defeat in a great drag race, the team posted a carreer best 5.54 at 259 miles per hour to his opponents 5.53 at 260 miles per hour. The margin of victory for our opponent was about a half a car length.

Between the two National Events, on the weekend of November 7th, the team had a great showing earning a semi final finish at the Las Vegas Lucas Oil Divisional Event. The team lost a close one to the team that finished number two in the world last year by just .0054 seconds, which translates to 2 feet. Our 5.66 coupled with a great reaction time nearly held off our opponents 5.63.

Over the winter Randy and the team will be refining their program and making some significant changes to the combination followed by extensive testing before the season opening Winternational's in February, 2010.

"We are expecting the current NHRA world champ to compete at this event and we hope to make a significant challenge for the trophy at the end of the day," said Randy. "Our driver is doing a great job driving the race car and now it's up to the rest of us to give him a race car that can win."

Update: August 6, 2009 

2 Pomona Events, Las Vegas and Infineon Raceway's Record Field Tops The List.

The Randy Goodwin Racing team rookie driver has earned the reputation of being an "Unknown Quantity" after attending a handfull of races since his license runs in 2008. We have consistantly qualified in the top half of the field in nearly every event, and most recently earned a spot in the quickest Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series divisional event ever. Our driver is an "Unknown Quantity" in that you never know what to expect when he pulls to the line, and anyone who races him does not take him lightly.

As our driver shapes his experience behind the wheel he is admittedly still figuring out what's going to happen next. The team isn't bashfull about wanting the car to run hard, and they aren't cutting him a lot of slack, either. "This is a car that has run multiple 5.50's. We aren't here to run 5.70's," quipped Randy.

Our driver surprised everyone when he jumped straight through the 5,70's and ran a 5.66 in near 90 degree weather at the season ending Final's at Pomona, placing him number 6 out of 29 cars in the class at the end of qualifying. First round he won on a hole shot with an engine-wounding and slowing 5.68 at 245 miles per hour, then went on to face Steve Harker in round 2. He had a huge starting line advantage but that wasn't the story. He experienced heavy tire shake and was momentarily disoriented to the point where he almost hit Harker's car and the left side guard rail twice. His unbelievable run shown on ESPN2 can be viewed on YouTube here:

With his weekend done and new found respect for the race car, our driver was still determined to get the job done. With a rainout after several attempts to run first round at the 2009 Winternationals, we were was forced to withdraw after the flu hit our driver hard. The next event was the Phoenix Divisional, where the team decided ahead of time to sacrificed the event as a test and tune.

"We made some changes to the engine combination and decided in order to try it out we needed a well prepped track and a good safety crew," said Randy. "I don't want to step on this thing on an off weekend, and I don't want our driver, who is still learing to drive, to be under pressure to try to qualify for this race. And if he finds himself in a bad position should it all go wrong. I want the best safety crew available and we have it here at division events."

The results were obvious at the Summit Racing National's in Las Vegas as the team, once again, qualified in the top half of the field. First round, we posted a fine 5.67 at 253 miles per hour for the win. Second round, our driver struggled with the clutch on the line, let the car roll deep and inadvertantly left the line with a .250 reaction time. He posted another 5.67 at 254 miles per hour, but lost the round.

Infineon Raceway proved to be an interesting event. The team decided to test on Thursday, making just one run to 800 feet. our new driver posted his best ever incremental time and speed to half track, shut it off at the high gear shift and still ran a 5.82 at just 199 miles per hour.

Ready to go in qualifying , our driver once again had issues with the clutch pedal in the first session. The car pulled through the beams and he ultimately aborted the run. The next day he was put in the right lane for session number two. Even though our driver is the "clutch guy" on our team he is still getting used to driving a clutch car. He did a lot better this time but still ended up sliding it in deep which hurts the elapsed time. Although deep, he still ran a carreer best 5.63 at 258 miles per hour. The incremental times to half track on this run were 3 hundredths of a second slower than Thursday's test and tune, though. We felt it should run 5.50's before the weekend was over and were determined to do it.

Unfortunately on that run, our driver ran it well past the finish line and up the Sonoma hill before he stepped off the throttle, resulting in engine damage. Our weekend ended first round when our driver lost against the ever formidable Steve Gasparrelli.